Brass is a Minecraft Modding toolchain built for aspiring programmers to work with a garden-fresh API.



Bradle is a crucial part of the Brass ecosystem. Bradle is our tool used for downloading, deobfucating, decompiling, mapping, remapping (and much more) of the Minecraft code. This is what is used by both Brass Loader and Brass API to provide a Minecraft environment.

Brass Loader

Brass Loader is the primary tool in the Brass ecosystem as it performs the important action of loading a mod into Minecraft.

Brass Loader is built on-top of the MML framework, which helped us to massively speed up the development process with a well-tested foundation.

Brass API

Brass API is the front-facing API that developers using Brass, will be using to develop their mods. Brass API simplifies the process of making a mod, as it introduces intuitive features such as a better registry system, modules (similar to forge capabilities but allow for built-in syncing).